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Jease 2.9 released

Automatic ID conversion, Smart(er) Discussions, Dynamic Template Resolver, Image & Upload limits,

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  • Please read the upgrade notice from Jease 2.8, if you're upgrading from Jease 2.7 or before.
  • Please make sure to apply "jfix.util.Regexps.escapeXML(String)" to escape the search input in your custom page templates. Have a look at  the provided templates for examples.

New Features

  • User-friendly ID conversion: Introduced a FilenameConverter which normalizes all kinds of non-allowed characters into ASCII (instead replacing them with a simple underscore) and use the result automatically as id. The behaviour can be localized (like replacing German Umlauts like 'ä' to 'ae') for even better results. This also allows to enter a "Title" for a content object whereas Jease automatically creates a valid and meaningful ID for the content object.
  • Developer-friendly configuration: Dynamic compiled Java code (e.g. code for some parameters) can optionally be replaced with a reference to a full qualified classname from classpath.
  • Smart(er) discussions: If a user has already solved the captcha, store the author name in session attribute and omit captcha for the lifetime of the session. This feature can also be used to omit the captcha completely. If the user is logged into the CMS, use his name for Discussions (and omit Captcha completely).
  • JEASE_TEMPLATE_RESOLVER allows to configure a function which resolves the template for given content at runtime. Very useful for custom renderers (e.g. Items).
  • JEASE_IMAGE_LIMIT allows to automatically limit the size for all images displayed in the site. This is useful when people upload high resolution images, but the site admin wants to deliver images in usable web resolutions.
  • JEASE_UPLOAD_LIMIT allows to limit maximum size for uploaded files.


  • Allow to change visibility for multiple selected items with a single click.
  • Improved config for CKEditor (removed all default values in table dialog) and much better support for Copy&Paste from Word/OpenOffice.
  • Much improved CSV-2-HTML-Export (used in ObjectTables for print exports) by using monospaced font and pre-style for whitespace handling.
  • Escape all markup in Discussions instead of stripping all HTML.
  • User editor shows an example password as tooltip. Added password generator.
  • User editor: password is required now as users can be disabled explicitely.
  • Automatically cleanup WEB-INF/tmp when shutting down the application server.
  • Setup: redirect to /cms instead to ".." to avoid possible problems with redirects in some environments.
  • Setup: use "simple" as default theme and "JeaseCMS"  as default title for root node.
  • Changed all themes (Page.jsp), so title from root node and title from default root content is used as title for page and slogan (no more hardcoded reference to JeaseCMS).
  • Refactored file/image streaming from several content renderers into a dedicated Streams-class for better code reuse.
  • Adapted ScriptProperty to switch between code and class editing.
  • Improved Filenames.asTitle(): Strip extensions by comparing them to known mime-type-extensions.
  • Added setUploadLimit to FileUpload / Mediafield
  • jifx.util.Images: added helper to limit a given image to a defined size.
  • jfix.util.Regexps: added #escapeXML() and #unescapeXML().
  • jfix.util.Urls: added method to check if a given extension registered in known mime types.
  • jfix.zk.Picklist: clear search term if choices are empty after selection.
  • jfix.zk.ObjectEditor: changed appending of error messages (using dash/newline instead of dot).
  • jfix.zk.Formbox: moved component help from ugly popup to inline tooltip.
  • jfix.util.Compiler: use only a single tmp-directory to store source files for each instance of compiler.


  • Moved jease.cms.service.Compilers to jease.cmf.service.Compilers.
  • Deprecated #jfix.util.Regexps.quoteMarkup() (use jfix.util.Regexps.escapeXML()).

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed missing escaping of user generated HTML in Discussions and Search.
  • Filter "nulls" in User.getRoots() in case of dangling reference.
  • Added missing check for users with no role.
  • Using Scripts on case-insentive file-systems (e.g. Windows) could lead to FileNotFound errors.
  • Show multiline textfield in parameter editor if value is empty.
  • Removed stacktrace printing from Timer to avoid overflowing logs in case of an unrecoverable error.
  • Photo desgin: added missed context path in some Javascript includes
  • jfix.zk.Mediafield: added check so CodeMirror isn't invoked as editor for large text files (> 1MB)
  • jfix.util.Regexps: fixed missing escaping for quotes and fixed bug in escaping bracket. Deprecated #quoteMarkup() in favor of #escapeXML().


  • Added bulgarian translation, thanks to George!


  • Tomcat 7.0.29
  • Lucene 3.6
  • XStream 1.4.3
  • db4o 8.0.249
  • Java Mail 1.4.5
  • Flowplayer 3.2.11

Last modified on 2013-01-04 by Maik Jablonski