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Jease 2.8 released

Customizable Persistence Actions, Improved User Management, Bug Fixes, Lots of 3rd-party updates.

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Upgrade Notice

  • If you're using a customized web.xml, please update your web.xml to version provided with 2.8. 
  • If you're upgrading from 2.6 or before, please read the upgrade notice from 2.7.


  • Customizable persistence actions (save / delete / traverse) in jease.cms.service.Nodes. Useful for logging or auditing content changes.
  • User-Management allows to disable users.
  • Introduced new request attribute JEASE_DISCUSSION_DISABLED to allow to disable discussions (= adding comments) on the fly.


  • User-Management: show if the user has an active session (yes/no). Changed misguiding label from "Session" to "Last Access".
  • Moved all application initializations from ServletFilter to ServletListener, so it is straightforward to add a custom listener for tweaking configurations.
  • Added error code 500 to web.xml so script errors can be handled via custom error page.
  • Added some style for default error page.
  • Refactored Registry: reuse already existing component as configuration object instead of three dedicated maps.
  • Added helpers to jfix.servlet.Servlets: getServerURL and getContextURL. Cleaned atom/rss feeds to use Servlets.getContextURL().
  • Improved readability of forward/page check in Transit.jsp
  • Refactored copyright notice from all designs into dedicated jsp-service.
  • ObjectDatabase: added timestamp of last database write operation. Use timestamp from database instead of supplier for retrieving time of last change operation.

Bug fixes

  • Setup created root folder with context path which isn't needed anymore.
  • Transit renderer ignored file-parameter (= force ad hoc forwarding via request parameter).
  • Added missing read-lock around ObjectDatabase#getTimestamp().
  • Only check validity of id in NodeEditor if id is not empty.
  • Fixed bug with empty or null labels in PropertyManager.
  • Fixed NPE in I18N: return null instead of throwing NPE.
  • Sequence of a Factory wasn't included in copy operation (broke dump, copy, etc.)


  • Persian translation provided by Mohammad. Thanks!
  • Improved Italian translation. Thanks to Alex!

3rd-Party libraries

  • ZK 5.0.11 (with additional fix for MP3-upload from ZK Freshly)
  • Tomcat 7.0.27
  • Tika 1.1
  • Latest wikitext.jar
  • prettyPhoto 3.1.4
  • Flowplayer 3.2.8

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