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You can download the latest binary release bundle here.


Jease 2.4.1 released

Important bug fix for Transit-Object

  • This releases fixes an important bug which is present in Jease 2.3 and Jease 2.4: when using a Transit-Object, changes to the referenced file were saved automatically when closing the editor window (without doing an explicit save before). This way an administrator could easily modify files in the file-system (e.g. Templates) by accident.

Jease 2.4 released

Configurable CKEditor, Bug fixes, Dependency Updates


  • Allow to configure CKeditor via a custom path parameter called JEASE_CKEDITOR_PATH. This solution allows to retrieve the config from within the CMS, the web application or even external urls. By using a Script the config can be also generated dynamically.


  • Honour valid authorizations for public fulltext search: if a user has access to content, include search results from guarded content.

Bug fixes

  • Root node was editable after switiching revisions.
  • Updated wikitext.jar which fixes a bug with #setInternalLinkPattern for Confluence markup. Thanks to Patrick for tracking down this issue and providing a fix for Eclipse committers.
  • Data export (print, excel) missed last line in table model.


  • Updated russian translation. Thanks to the contributions from Max and Ivan!
  • Added I18N to property selection.
  • Handle NodeException-Message via I18N.


  • Added first draft for a dynamic template compiler (based on JSP-Syntax) which allows to compile JSP- templates at runtime from classpath.
  • jfix.zk.SelectButton: added delegate to ItemRenderer and use it for rendering label of button.
  • ObjectTable#rebuild() as hook for rebuilding component from scratch.
  • ObjectTableModel/Renderer: Cache cols in local variable; useful when cols are calculated at runtime.
  • Changed signature for ObjectEditor#searchPerformed from private to protected.
  • Picklist: automatically select choices after search.

Dependency Updates

  • ZK 5.0.8
  • XStream 1.4.1
  • Latest wikitext.jar
  • Tomcat 7.0.21

Last modified on 2011-09-13 by Maik Jablonski