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Jease 2.3 released

Timer, Usability, Configurations, Bug fixes

Update notice: I've made some refactorings listed below. Some changes need to be reflected in your web.xml (and maybe to JEASE_SITE_REWRITER when in use). If you're using a customized version, please have a look at the new web.xml and apply your changes accordingly.

This release features a Timer component which can be used to perform periodic tasks like checking links, creating report mails and so on. Another important improvement is the default behaviour for content editors when using the "Save"-button: you can now save and close a content editor with the right mouse button, while using the left button keeps the editor open. Jease also detects unsaved contents from now on, so closing an editor without saving changed content will create a confirmation dialog.

New Features

  • Implemented Timer which executes a task (stored in the Registry) periodically.
  • Usability change: close editors on save with right mouse click, keep editor open with left mouse click. Using this as default seems to be a better approach for the average user to prevent content losses due to missing saves. Also modal windows will be now used for all editors.
  • Detect and confirm unsaved changes. Therefore Node#copy(recursive) needed to be introduced to create non-recursive copies of Nodes ("don't copy children"). This API-change needs to be reflected by custom content implementations.
  • Global Wiki language and link pattern can now be configured via JEASE_WIKI_LANGUAGE and JEASE_WIKI_LINKS
  • Added advanced constructors to all Properties, so the creation of properties via code is less verbose.


  • Moved site.Controller to jease.cms.web.servlet.JeaseController to avoid cluttering of global namespace; also moved init code from JeaseServletListener to JeaseController. Update to web.xml (and maybe JEASE_SITE_REWRITER) needed.
  • Moved site.Compilers to jease.cms.service.

Bug fixes

  • Deleting an unsaved node resulted in NPE.
  • Clear id to avoid path change processing on copies. Otherwise the copies were referenced instead of the originals.
  • Fixed several possible NPEs with null-properties.
  • Fixed extension stripping for content restore (e.g. folder names with dots were not handled properly).

Dependency Updates

  • CKEditor 3.6.0
  • Tomcat 7.0.19

Last modified on 2011-08-01 by Maik Jablonski