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Jease 2.2 released

Multi Domain Hosting, New Media Player, Improved Link Checker, Content Customizer, Usability

Please read carefully before upgrading:

  • Before performing an upgrade, make a backup of your database directory.
  • Read the upgrade guide when upgrading from Jease 1.9.x.

Some things take their time... but finally it's done. I'm happy to announce that Jease is now capable of hosting multiple domains within a single Jease instance. All you need are some slight adjustments to your existing templates for multidomain hosting. If you want also transparent URLs (no additional prefix of the domain in front of the path), you'll also need Apache with mod_proxy_html enabled as front end server.

The second new feature is the complete renewal of the Media object. It is now using the fantastic Flowplayer as media player which allows also to play MP3 audio files out of the box.

Another important feature is a much improved Linkchecker. Now internal links checked as well as external links. Also the results of the link check are now displayed for non-administration users, so they can see and easily fix broken links on their own.

Jease supports now the configuration of a Content Customizer which is a dynamically compiled procedure which is applied on content objects before saved to the database. This way you can hook into the editing process to customize contents as you like. E.g. cutting of domain names from links, do some additional content cleanup and so on.

Last but not least there are several improvements to the usability: Jease now closes the editor window automatically when a content object is saved. The syntax highlighting editor now supports line numbers for Script objects and is also used as editor for Parameters contained Java code. Also some status information is displayed in the browser title.


  • Jease supports now hosting of several domains in one instance. This is achieved by introducing a new request-attribute called "Root" in the Controller which serves as virtual root for a site. Applied required changes to all existing templates, full-text-search and news-feeds.
  • If a node with the requesting server name exists below the root node, use it as virtual root automatically.
  • Made errorPage aware of virtual root. The path of the virtual root will be used as prefix if no leading slash is present in JEASE_SITE_ERROR.
  • Added jfix.servlet.Servlets.getServerName() which returns only the server name (or proxied server) without port.


  • Improved video handling: switched from OSplayer to Flowplayer.
  • Videos are now played "inline". The size of video area/flash can be configured via CSS.
  • Added support for mp3 and mp4 which can be played directly via the Media-object.
  • Fixed missing slashes in content type checks for the case of possible (but not likely) name- space-clash of major-type.
  • Fixed problem with .flv uploads under Windows. The mime-type wasn't recognized properly.
  • Fixed broken "preview" for Media-Renderer. Paths were taken from unattached session node (therefore == null) instead of persistent node.


  • Now all internal and external links are checked. Per default uncheckable protocols (like mailto: or file:) will be displayed with status -1.
  • Made link check results available for non-administrators.
  • A link is now rechecked instantly when edited via the Linkcheck-table.
  • Linkcheck results for non-existing pages are filtered out of result set.
  • Slight adjustment in column widths for Linkcheck table.
  • JFix: added additional regexps for retrieving urls from HTML documents.


  • If a user wants to change/rewrite content before it is persisted to the database, a through-the-web-programmable post-save-hook can be configured via JEASE_CONTENT_CUSTOMIZER: it takes a dynamically compiled jfix.functor.Procedure from the registry. E.g. useful for cutting domain names from links, tidy content, etc.pp.


  • Close editor automatically after save. Hide also the "View"-button after a copy.
  • Use Codemirror with "automatic" syntax detection in parameter editor. Use line numbers in ScriptEditor.
  • Display status information (name of root node, user, database path) as browser title.
  • Inreased page size for select mode (factor 10 instead of 5) for better usability.
  • Don't show revision control if Revisions#getDays()==getCount()==0. This way the unnecessary creation of a revision which is instantly purged is also avoided.
  • Display Linkcheck- and Redirect-Tab in Navigation only when a site design is enabled (= "web-site-mode").

Other changes

  • Node#getChild() can now resolve nodes via directory shortcuts (./ or ../) (= relative paths to current node)
  • Improved Chinese translation. Changed also locale code for chinese form "cn" to "zh" to make translations on ZK-level consistent.
  • Removed ";" as alternative marker for query string in Controller. Fixed bug also a bug which strips now "jsessionid" from uri for resolving nodes properly.
  • ObjectTableRenderer: render strings as multiline labels instead of html to properly escape html tags in tables.
  • Added missing encodeRedirectUrls in domain renderers for Link, Factory and Trash.
  • Added 401 (UNAUTHORIZED via Access-Object) as error-code for custom error page.

Dependency Updates

  • Lucene 3.3.0
  • Tomcat 7.0.16
  • zk-codemirror 1.0.1

Last modified on 2011-07-04 by Maik Jablonski