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Jease 2.10 released

System Information Panel, Customizable Navigation, Commons Lang, ReCaptcha

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  • Please read the upgrade notice from Jease 2.9, if you're upgrading from Jease 2.8 or before.
  • SimpleCaptcha was completely removed because it didn't prevent properly from spam attacks. Please make sure to update your templates if you did use it in custom forms in your site.
  • If you want to use ReCaptcha, you have to register your site with ReCaptcha for public and private keys and store them as parameters JEASE_RECAPTCHA_PUBLIC and JEASE_RECAPTCHA_PRIVATE in System > Parameters.
  • JTidy was replaced by the far more powerful JSoup. Please change your code if you've used JTidy directly in your templates.


  • Created a system information panel.
  • Login is now Application; allow to inject a customized Navigation via ZUL-parameter.
  • Refactored Navigation so it is easier to build a custom navigation.
  • Ref. Setup so easier reuse of existing code is possible for a customized setup.

Important Changes

  • Added commons-lang to provide a "standard" for developers (StringUtils, StringEscapeUtils, ArrayUtils, NumberUtils, ...). Replaced Validations with StringUtils.
  • Replaced JTidy with JSoup.
  • Replaced SimpleCaptcha with ReCaptcha.
  • Replaced most cmf.service.Filenames-methods with FilenameUtils.
  • Refactored Java- & JSP-Compiler into dedicated package.
  • No need to use Javascript for generating base-tag anymore.

Minor Changes

  • Cleaned up all templates, services & domain renderers
  • Added User#isContentManager() which returns true if a user has access to roots and a specified role.
  • Refactor purge method from Tash control to Revisions.
  • Reversed order of Navigations.getPageTitle()
  • Reordered Markup for feeds.
  • Use "Content-Dispostion" inline for generated PDFs.
  • Fixed escaping for Discussions: better safe than sorry, so escape all user input before storing it into database. Use JSoup to parse HTML.
  • Use JSP-include for Image and Document to improve performance.
  • Improved code for Streams by using NumberUtils.
  • Servlets.write() now sets content length for binaries.
  • Added ObjectDatabase#getPersistenceEngine() to retrieve the currently used persistence engine (e.g. for tooling).
  • Updated Copyright

Bug Fixes 

  • Check if the user in session is stored in database before auto-login.
  • Added missing Pagebase to loop-design.

Third-Party updates

  • Perst 432
  • Lucene 3.6.2
  • Tika 1.2
  • XStream 1.4.4
  • ZK 5.0.12 (release version, built from sources)
  • Prettify 2013/03/04
  • PrettyPhoto 3.1.5
  • Tomcat 7.0.39

Last modified on 2013-03-28 by Maik Jablonski