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You can download the latest binary release bundle here.


Jease 2.1 released

Full text searchable Documents (pdf, doc, odt, ...), Content browser, Zipped Dumps, Trash/Revision Control

Please read carefully before upgrading:

  • Before performing an upgrade, make a backup of your database directory.
  • Read the upgrade guide when upgrading from Jease 1.9.x.

Jease 2.1 continues the evolution of Jease into an even more powerful content management system. The main new feature for this release is the new content type called "Document" which allows to index various binary document formats like PDF, Word, OpenOffice for full text search. The conversion is done via the nice Tika-Library which doubles the size of the download bundle, but it is worth its price. As a nice side effect a plain text preview of a Document is also provided.

Please note: Using the new Document is optional and you can stick with simple Files if you don't need fulltext extraction. If you want to use Documents, you'll need to add its type to the user roles of your choice via "System » Role".

Another important change is the update to ZK 5.0.7 which brings full support for IE 9 and Firefox 4 besides other features.

New Features

  • Added new content type called "Document" which allows to extract plain text and index various document formats (like PDF, Word, OpenOffice) by using Tika-library. As Tika comes with POI included, POI is removed as Jar-dependency.
  • Added "Browse Server" feature to Link- and ReferenceEditor to browse the content repository. 
  • Added zip/unzip for dump/restore files.
  • Improved Trash/Revision-Control: empty all trash cans with one click and display number of revisons for each content type.

Important Changes

  • Return first page-like content as default content for a Folder instead of returning the absolute first content object.
  • Fixed content deletion: delete all referring References when a content object is finally deleted.
  • Clear all cookies (esp. authentication cookie) when using Logout. This resets login/password when using Logout.
  • Markups: changed internal link pattern from default "/wiki/{0}" to "{0}" to avoid /wiki/-prefix.
  • Reference: added path for referenced content object to fulltext, so searching for references denoting a given content object is possible via CMS.
  • Reference: filter possible targets by contents which user is allowed to access.
  • Check valid content types for current user role when importing contents.

Minor Changes

  • Added "csv" as recognized mime type.
  • Added body and z-button css styles to ease the seamless integration of zk-components into websites.
  • jfix.zk.Picklist: remove paging for choices.
  • jfix.zk.Timebox: set explicit format due to change in ZK 5.0.7
  • Increased default size of StringBuilder for Content#getFulltext() from 32 to 1024 which results in sightly better performance.
  • LinkEditor: set title for NodeBrowserWindow.
  • Removed trendy-declaration for Messagebox-button in zk.xml. No longer needed.
  • Use new i18n-key "Username" instead of "Login" for username field.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed en-locale bug which occured when server environment used a non-en-locale.
  • Filenames.asTitle: use asTitle recursively to return only filename without any extension (and not only remove the last extension).
  • Updated URL extraction which solves a problem with trailing punctuations.
  • Image content-type should start with "image/" instead of "image".
  • Fixed green color for bright design.


  • ZK
  • Perst 428
  • Tika 0.9
  • Tomcat 7.0.14

Last modified on 2011-06-01 by Maik Jablonski