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Jease 1.3 released

CKEditor, Designs, Preview

This release brings an update to the Wysiwyg-editor used by Jease: the aged FCKEditor is retired and is replaced by its successor CKEditor. The integration of CKEditor also allows to use a ZK-based (easy customizable) Link-and Imagebrowser which features a image-preview.

The second feature is the addition of two new designs (so called "paper" and "robot") which are selectable on the fly by the user. Just use the links at the bottom of the page to switch the design.

The third feature is an advanced preview-button (which is also added to the workspace accessory) which allows to preview contents inline in a dedicated viewer component based on a modal window. This is far more useable for unexperienced users working with Jease and also avoids problems with popup-blockers.

Update note:

The switch to CKEditor needs to remove all dependencies to FCKEditor. The Link-/Imagebrowser for FCKEditor needed to be configured via a connector in WEB-INF/web.xml. Please remove the servlet-mapping for the FckConnector when updating your Jease-instance. You should also remove WEB-INF/lib/fckeditor.jar.

Release notes:

New Features:

  • Switched from FCKEditor to CKEditor.
  • Added a nice ZK-based (customizable) content browser with image preview.
  • Added additional design called "robot". Looks very cool, maybe this is going to be the default in the future.
  • Added additional design called "paper".
  • Added feature to allow a user to select his preferred design via a simple link (works with cookies).
  • Added explicit NodeViewer (with resize-toolbar) which allows to preview contents within the CMS (in a modal window). Looks nicely and works regardless of popup-blockers.
  • Added additional (Pre)View-Button to workspace accessory.
  • Added Manifest with version info to distribution.
  • Added service for simple Cookie-Handling to JFix-Layer (jfix.servlet.Cookies).


  • Removed last-modified-header in Controller.jsp to allow dynamic design switching without the need to clean the browser cache. It also improves developer experience (no need to reload all the time).
  • Refactored javascript for injecting base tag into page header into service-script (site/service/Pagebase.jsp) for better reuseability.

Last modified on 2010-10-06 by Maik Jablonski