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Jease 1.2 released

Dump and Restore, Improved memory usage

This release brings a very useful feature for exchanging content: dump & restore. You can now export the contents of selected folders into a XML-file and restore it if you need to. This way you can create backups or migrate whole content-trees between different Jease-instances (e.g. moving content from a development to a production system or the other way round). Please note: the backup-feature is only available for administrators, because otherwise a normal user could import a modified XML which might create a dangerous script.

The second big improvement is the update to ZK 5.0.4 which has a highly improved memory usage on server side. Savings of memory between 40% up to 70% is really a lot for high-volume applications. Many thanks to the ZK-community for this fantastic improvement.

New Features:

  • Backup and Migration: You can now dump and restore contents to/from XML-files directly via the CMS. This is useful for taking backups of single folders or migrating content between different Jease-Instances.
  • Create content with one click: Selecting a content-type from the content-selection opens the editor directly (without the need to hit on "New").
  • Refresh: refreshing the browser recreates the desktop instead of showing the login page.
  • TextEditor: Improved switching between editing modes which consumes less bandwith.
  • License: added raw license text to package to be in compliance with GPL3.

Bug fixes:

  • Specified UTF-8-encoding in Script.jsp to avoid encoding problems.
  • Added missing media-styles to CSS for demo-template.

Dependency updates:

  • ZK 5.0.4
  • Perst (build 423)
  • Latest Wikitext

Last modified on 2010-09-05 by Maik Jablonski