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Jease 1.1 released

Content Revisions, Image Scaling

This release brings an important new feature for building a full-blown Document/Content-Management-System on top of Jease: Content Revision Support.

What does Content Revision Support mean?

Every time you click on "Save", you create a new revision of the current content object which is stored as file in the file-system of the Jease-Database. A Revision means that all fields of the content-object (including binary data) are serialized into a proper storage format (XML created via a properly configured XStream) and can be deserialized anytime from there again. This way you can compare the current version of a document with a version which was modified weeks ago.

The number of revisions to be kept is configurable (default: keep all revisions, see jease.cms.service.Revisions), although each revision introduces only minimal overhead.

New Features:

  • Revision support by using XStream to serialize/deserialize all content-specific fields into/from blobs which are stored in the file-system.
  • Easy Image Scaling via Mediafield.
  • Improved Filename-to-Id-Conversion to avoid common IllegalId-errors for bulk uploads.

Bug fixes:

  • CMS: check NullPointerException for empty references.
  • Controller.jsp: Inject JEASE_SITE_CONTROLLER directly; fixes problem when Jease is not deployed as ROOT-application.
  • Tree: restore active page, so opening nodes in a paged tree work properly.
  • Mediafield: adjustImage broke streaming of image.

Dependency updates:

  • db4o-7.12.156
  • Perst (build 422)
  • Tomcat 6.0.29

Last modified on 2010-08-04 by Maik Jablonski