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You can download the latest binary release bundle here.


Jease 0.7 released

Composite and Access, Configuration by Convention, Integration of Topup.

This release brings mostly new features for the CMS and Site. It also lifts the bundled ZK-libraries to the officially released ZK 5.0.1 and updates Tomcat to latest version (6.0.26).

Jease - CMS:

  • New content-type Composite: This is a container which can hold contents, but acts like a page. It is a useful base for creating image gallerys, download folders and so on.
  • New content-type Access: by placing an Access-Object into a folder, you can force an HTTP-Authorization with arbitrary username and password. Works similar to the well know .htaccess-file in Apache. Useful to protect some parts of a site from public view.
  • Allow non-administrators to change their personal information and password.
  • Configuration by Convention: all content-types and content-editors will now be detected automatically in the default locations, so you don't have to register them anymore manually in the central configuration registry. This allows to create "plugin-jars" which simply packs a content-definition with an appropriate content-editor without having to change any configuration.
  • Removed #getVisibleChildren from Folder-class and made Navigations-methods independent from Folder.

Jease - Site:

  • Use Topup-Library to create nice popop-window for info-snippets (like "Read more" and Search results). Removed z-index from tabs which caused problems with overlays and was useless.
  • Improved print-css which is used to display content without surrounding layout on screen. Just add ?print to an url to get the print-view on screen.
  • Moved HTML-Header out of Page.jsp into Head.jsp for easier customization.


Last modified on 2010-06-17 by Maik Jablonski