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You can download the latest binary release bundle here.


Jease 0.6 released

The migration from ZK3 to ZK5 is finally done.

This release brings ZK5 to Jease. ZK5 is a big leap in the development of the ZK-framework and introduces lots of nice features for Jease:

  • ZK5 shifts load from server to client: While ZK3 created the parts of the required HTML-DOM for each request at the server and transfered it to the browser, ZK5 sends simple commands to the browser, where the appropriate HTML is dynamically built via JavaScript.
  • ZK5 brings new hflex/vflex-attributes: These attributes allow to create self-sizing forms more easily. E.g. with ZK3 the width of the ContentEditor-Windows was hard-coded, whereas ZK5 allows to specify a percentage width (70% of a browser window as default) and all used components within a form align themselves within that width.
  • ZK5 brings one click upload: Just click on the upload button and the file-browser pops up. No more intermediate popup windows are needed.

Kudos to the ZK-Team for their support and very quick bug fixes... but to be honest: there were some nasty bugs in ZK5 which gave me a hard time to finish the migration from ZK3 to ZK5...

Further changes along the layers used in Jease:


  • Improved Picklist which works better for larger selections.
  • Improved Session-handling for easier integration of third-party technologies (use native session directly and don't store items within ZK-Session).
  • Updates to latest db4o, NeoDatis and Lucene.


  • Security fix for FCKEditor-Link-/Image-Browser: browser does not show all available content within a site, just only the content the user has rights via the declared roots. Thanks to Marcus for pointing me to this issue!
  • Bug fix for dragging content from tree to clipboard.


  • View-button in ContentEditor to open a new browser-tab for a quick view of the resulting page. Thanks to Marcus for his suggestion.
  • New method in ContentTableModel: getProportions() allows to declare the relative width for every table column. Formerly space was distributed equally among all columns.
  • Changed DefaultContent for Folder to first content item in Folder (regardless if content is visible or not). This way you can decide to hide the default content-item for a folder from navigation. Thanks to Marcus for insisting on the change. Seems to be a good idea.
  • Optional email address for Users. Thanks to Marcus.


  • Bug fix for File.jsp: text-content stored within a File was displayed with the wrong encoding. Thanks to Marcus for reporting the problem.

And as always some more cleanups and refactorings... and... I've started to document important classes and methods, so don't complain there's no documentation in the code...;-)

Last modified on 2010-06-17 by Maik Jablonski