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You can download the latest binary release bundle here.


Jease 0.5 released

Perst-Performance boost.


  • Bug fix for Blobs: java.io.File.renameTo might fail under some circumstances (as stated in the Java-API), so added file-copy as fallback based on NIO-API. Thanks to Tung for reporting this issue.
  • PersistenceEnginePerst: huge performance boost by using strong references instead of weak references.
  • Improved usability for Picklist.
  • Reset-Button for LoginForm to reset login/password (and Cookies).
  • More user-friendly Formbox: Help text is displayed as Popup-Icon instead of Tooltip over the component.
  • Dependency-Updates: db4o, Perst, ZK, POI


  • Improved NodeConstructor which delivers copies of Nodes instead of creating new Nodes all the time. This means less communication between server and browser.
  • added Node.getDescendants(): delivers all children (and children of children and so on) of a Node in order of storage.


  • Bug fix: "too many open files"-Exception when using Quick-Zip-Import due to unclosed streams.


  • Improved search result
  • Way to specify an alternate PageTemplate via new jsp-parameter. This way you can easily process request-results with your own JSPs (e.g. displaying search-results, handling email-forms, etc.pp.). Thanks to Albert for bringing up this issue.
  • Update to Tomcat 6.0.24.


  • Fixed bug in tutorial. Thanks for Lucas pointing me to the problem that there were a namespace-clash with the "Event"-class. Changed "Event" to "Meeting", problem solved the easy way...;-)

And as always: some additional cleanups and minor refactorings.

Last modified on 2010-06-17 by Maik Jablonski