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You can download the latest binary release bundle here.


Jease 0.3 released


The third release of Jease brings you the following changes:

  • Quick file-upload: you can use it to upload single files with just one click or to upload and unpack a whole zip-archive. Additionally an improved mime-detection was implemented.
  • Usabilty improvement: saving content doesn't close the editor automatically anymore. This way it is much easier to save, reload, view, change, save again and so on.
  • Paging for the ContentTable: if you're having lots of items within one folder, the content-view got a little bit slow due to browser-limitations handling really large dom-objects. Therefore I've switched the content-view to make use of paging. Drag&Drop between pages works with a small clipboard (small box below content-view). Just drop your content-item into the clipboard, switch the page, then drag the content-item from the clipboard to the desired position.
  • Improved performance for NavigationTree: the tree is only rebuild when contents got changed. This way the tree is more efficient. I'm going to provide a still better implementation based on lazy loading with next release, because the default ZK-Tree-Implementation is a performance-bottleneck with large trees because the whole DOM is transfered to client.
  • Slider between ContentTable and NavigationTree allows resizing of panels.
  • Huge performance boost for deleting deep content-trees: checking possibly referenced user-folders very efficiently when deleting a folder allows to omit the costly reference-check on database-level.
  • Persistent plaintext for Text-Items allows you to switch off the WYSIWYG-editor permantley if you want to.
  • Translations of user-interface into Spanish and Chinese. Thanks to Ignacio and Qin!
  • Update to Lucene 3.0.
  • And some more changes & cleanups...

Last modified on 2010-06-17 by Maik Jablonski